As we enter 2018 I hope it is with a renewed faith and joie de vivre after a year that many felt fatigued by. Last years focus was solely on models, an unconscious decision, but a serendipitous one nonetheless. I spoke to industry icons Kirsten Owen, Georgina Grenville, Christina Kruse, Jamie Bochert, Debra Shaw, Sylvia Van Der Kloosterand Amy Wesson as they reflected on their stellar careers. The new generation of models Charli Howard, Madison Headrick, Ana Cristina, Elina Nikitina, Willow Hand, Frances Coombe, Kenneth Guidroz, Sarah Abney, Londone Myers, Carson Aldridge, Kouka Webb, Rubina Dyan, Connor Newall, and Braeden Wright shared their stories, hopes, and dreams as they make their mark in the fashion industry.

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing where the next year takes us.