As one of the most recognizable and versatile new faces in modeling, Londone Myers can be seen in campaigns for Prada, GAP and Topshop. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Ms. Ross, this wide-eyed beauty with her distinct diastema is as down to earth as they come. I spoke to Londone by phone to talk about her entry into modeling and plans for the future.

You were born in D.C. but grew up in Georgia, is that correct?

Yeah.  I grew up with my mom, dad and my sisters. I am the middle child out of three and we moved to Georgia back in 2008.

Is that where you were discovered?

Oh, no. That’s an interesting story. When my parents got divorced and moved back to D.C. I was discovered on Instagram.

That’s cool.

Yeah, I was discovered on Instagram by a New York agency. I took the Megabus, because that’s all that I could afford, from D.C. to New York. The first agency that scouted me was MSA Models. I was only with them for about a month before I was scouted again when I was in Paris by a placement agency called Starsystem. They asked me if I had an agency and I told them I did but I wasn’t very happy with them. While I was in Paris they set up a bunch of interviews with different agencies and the creative director told me not to get too excited. I flew back to New York and once I hit the ground I had to see all of the counterpart agencies to the ones I saw in Paris. I went into The Lions office and I remember I sat down and started telling a really morbid story about one of my old autopsy experiences. Louie Chaban’s ears perked up and he turned around and he suddenly had so much interest in me.  We started talking and I stayed there for an hour. It was such a great experience to be able to pick whichever agency I wanted to join.

Does Louie represent you?

Yes, he does.

You were discovered on Instagram. Were you looking to get discovered or was it something that just happened?

No never, it just kind of happened you know.  I was one of those awkward kids and my jaw-line didn’t come in until I was like 20. I was super weird-looking and I just didn’t think that I fit the bill because I was pretty short too.  My agency marketed me as the newer type of millennial model with personality and charisma. Now, they are encouraging me to pursue acting. I’m about to have a few vocal classes so we’ll see.

What are your long-term goal and ambitions?

I have always seen myself teaching or maybe as a Kindergarten teacher. I’ll see how far this takes me and when I feel like it’s time to move on I’ll just apply to college to teach.

If you weren’t modeling, would you be going to college?

Yeah. I went to Montgomery College when I was still in Maryland and I worked with an autopsy technician at Georgetown University. I wasn’t even a student at Georgetown, which is the funny part. I was still at the Montgomery College Takoma Park campus going to be a paralegal but I felt like the world was taking me in a different direction. I just stopped going to school there and I started working with this guy. I used to learn so much about the human body and how it functions. I am one of those people who wants to know how things work and what they do and what makes something do what it does.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

That’s an interesting question. I would say, appealing to the weirder crowd and learning a little bit about the fashion industry because it’s not really something you learn in school.

What were some of the misconceptions that you had when you went into it?

Oh, I thought it was only full of tall, white models. I remember watching a documentary about black models and how hard it was to find an agency and how hard it was finding someone who knew how to do black hair. I went in expecting everyone to just hate me but I connect with everyone I talk to. It’s just been great, you know.  I didn’t really expect the fashion industry to be interested in someone like me. I am just a nerdy girl from Maryland.

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