Undeniably one of the most influential models of this decade, Agyness Deyn has generated more column inches than most of her contemporaries. Much of what has been written about her has focused on her style, celebrity friends and love life. Agyness has defied expectation and refused to be reduced to just another one of fashion’s It girls. As the founder of clothing line Title A, Agyness gives us a glimpse into the inspiration behind her latest venture.

You were lauded as a style icon throughout your career. How would you describe your style?

It’s always surreal and a little embarrassing to hear that. My personal tastes have been to the moon and back, but right now I just want an extremely classic and slightly awkward wardrobe.

Before embarking on the development of Title A you collaborated with Uniqlo and Dr. Martens. Has designing always been in your blood?

I’ve been around that world for a while now. I guess I’ve always had an opinion or preference to certain things and maybe maturity has brought out my ability to share it.

What was the inspiration behind Title A?

I wanted to create a place where someone could go and always find what they’re looking for.

How would you describe the blueprint of your line?

There is always a suit to ground the collection and it expands from there. We try to respect craft and detail in womenswear as much as it’s respected in menswear and strip out anything too frivolous.

Can you describe the typical Title A woman?

It’s tricky for me to nail her down; everyone is so different. I imagine the things they would have in common is the desire to have a wardrobe that doesn’t wear them and a love of strong female characters. I’m in love with Joan of Arc.

How do you think your background in fashion has informed your approach to design?

I would guess it helped me to know what I don’t want.

Were you conscious of the model cum designer label and if so did you have any reservations before embarking on this journey?

Ah, yes. I know the stigma but it doesn’t bother me. Probably because this isn’t a licensing deal and we’re pouring our hearts into it like anyone else who’s been insane enough to start a label from scratch.

Do you have plans to expand the line into accessories or menswear at any point in the future?

We do. We are in the middle of finalizing beautiful leather handbags, you can see sneaks of them on our Instagram. Sunglasses are next and we will definitely venture into menswear down the line.

Agyness is represented by The Lions NY