Maggie Maurer made her modeling debut at the grand old age of 23, a feat virtually unheard of in the fashion industry.  At an age when most models would be considering opportunities post modeling, Maggie is quietly making  her mark.  As an exclusive for Calvin Klein, Maggie is one of a number of models entering the fashion industry later in life and creating a shift in perception about what is too old to begin your career.  I caught up with Maggie to talk to her about her goals for the future and the highlights of her burgeoning career.

What advantages and disadvantages do you feel that starting your career at 23 gives you?

I don’t really feel like starting at 23 is a disadvantage. I think this business is all about timing and in my life, this is my time.  If I had gone through this same experience at 16 or 17  I’d be home right now.

What are your aspirations and goals for the future?

I am going try my hardest to make this happen.  Go big or go home, right?  I’m not interested in just floating by in this industry.  I want them to know me, love me, respect me and want to work with me for many years to come.

What do you hope to get out of your modeling career?

Honestly, I don’t really know what my future holds.  I just hope that I can inspire the people I meet to spread kindness and love in the world.  That sounds kind of hippyish but I just want to help people realize life is what you make it and if you’re not happy or where you want to be in your life, only you can change that.  Life is what you make it, you just need to be wise enough to take the opportunities presented to you.   Also, I would like to see the view from the top.  I’m not sure if I will like it  but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.  No risk no reward.

How do you handle the pressure and rejection that comes with modeling?

I think that is one of the advantages I have being older.   I mean, it’s kind of like; if you don’t like me, you don’t like me.  You’re not going to hurt my feelings.  I  haven’t experienced anything super harsh yet.  I guess maybe when I do have my feelings hurt that might change.

What do you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

I was home-schooled.  That always seems to surprise people.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Obviously, Calvin Klein.  I mean really, to have that be my first show and booking for that matter is just insane!  I was so humbled and in shock.

What do you do to decompress from the pace of modeling and refocus?

When I’m in New York, I sometimes go home to Potsdam for the weekend, especially around this time of year.  It’s so beautiful, calming and relaxing.  When I travel I really just like getting to know people and making memories because if you can’t do that then what is it worth?  To spend so much time away from home you have to establish relationships wherever you are and if I can’t do that I don’t want this.  My life is better because of the people that are in it.  As long as I can surround myself with the right people I’m happy doing just about anything.

How were you discovered?

My photographer friend Tom Newton sent pictures of me to an agency in Toronto, Elmer Olsen Model Management with no information on how to contact me.  Through the wonderful world of Facebook and Google they were able to find out where I worked.  Elmer called the store just as I had walked in. I picked up the phone to call someone else so it didn’t even ring and there he was screaming my name on the other end.  He said, “May I speak to Maggie?   You have no idea who I am but I know who you are.  My name is Elmer Olsen from Toronto and we received your pictures about a week ago.”   I said OK .  He then asked if I sent pictures and I told him I didn’t but I had a feeling I knew who did.   Enter Tom Newton and the rest is history.

How do you cope when you are away from family and friends?

I’m very independent so although it’s hard sometimes as long as I can make friends and see familiar faces I’m just fine.  It’s much harder in a different country with different languages but I haven’t experienced too much of it yet so I’ll have to get back to you.

What is your approach to health and wellness?

I try to really be aware of what I put in my body.  So many people don’t realize how important it is and how everything you put into your body has an effect on how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally.  Once you understand your body, it’s very hard to go back to old habits.  I try to stay away from processed and genetically modified food that are full of chemicals and who knows what else.  It definitely takes dedication and is a lot harder when you’re traveling so much but I do the best I can and generally feel amazing.

Maggie is represented by IMG and Elmer Olsen Model Management