Model and personal trainer Roger Frampton is taking a fresh approach to fitness without the use of gyms and weights.  His Re-Model-Me personal training has been employed by everyone from designer Patrick Cox to Ryan Barrett as he fronted Versace’s underwear campaign.  Roger’s approach is accessible and tailored to each individuals needs and goals without employing fad diets and gimmicks.  I spoke with Roger about his philosophy on fitness and his goals for the future in this insightful look into the world of  personal fitness.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to embark on a fitness regime that may be daunted by the idea?

The best advice I could give to someone wanting to start any fitness regime would be to not run before they can walk.  There is a lot of hype in the media e.g. “Get ripped in 12 weeks”.  It is not really like that.  It is a journey that never ends.  It’s important the individual learns to work with their body.

What is your philosophy on wellness and fitness?

Personally, I am very open-minded, as is our company. People want a simple answer, but there is none, and I believe the day we realize that there is no answer we can actually start to enjoy life more.

How does Re-Model-Me differ from other personal training regimes?

If you think of a boot camp, we are the complete opposite.  We are teachers, showing people movements and new techniques using three plane motion bodyweight only rather than the “get down and give me 20” philosophy.

How important is it to balance the right nutrition with training to achieve results?

It is everything; I believe each diet should be suited to the individual.  We all have different goals, backgrounds, tastes and sources of stress.  We cannot all have the same results from the same diet, but that being said the big principles are the same.

What are some of the common misconceptions you encounter when working with new clients?

* Calorie counting

* Wondering why there aren’t any weights

* Women worried they will get arms like Madonna (which they don’t)

* Not understanding the importance of rest

* That when it hurts you stop

What are the key elements to achieving success in personal training?

For me it has been listening, paying full attention to each individual, constantly learning and understanding that everybody is completely different and again not trying to find the answer to the ultimate workout.

As a successful working model why did you want to develop your own personal fitness brand?

As models you are paid to make clothes look good.  If I bulk up in the gym using weights it’s possible the clothes might not look as good.  A lot of trainers don’t understand this concept so I have taken on the responsibility of showing the world our approach that you can achieve a great physique without the need for a gym or weights.

Why do you think people give up easily on their fitness goals and how can they change that?

I think the main problem is in the media, which promotes people’s demand for a ‘quick fix’ when there is no quick fix, no time frame or special program. You just start where you can and go from there slowly, patiently and consistently but giving 100 percent and maintaining faith that things will change. You must have self-belief to keep this up.

How has working in the fashion industry influenced your approach to fitness?

Everything I have done in my life has brought me where I am today.  Working in the fashion industry has been amazing and having recognition in the fashion industry is helping me spread the word about Re-Model-Me’s gym-free and weight-free training.

What are your personal and professional goals for the future?

To spread the gospel, to keep learning, to keep teaching, to test theories, to question studies, to stay open minded and to smile.

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