German born multi-disciplinary artist Christina Kruse’s Bauhaus influenced solo exhibit closed last week at New York’s Helwaser Gallery. By integrating core elements of the Bauhaus movement, Kruse lays bare any pretense and strips away all sentiment leaving the observer with an inherent beauty in her rational approach to the subject matter. The sculptures on display offer a cohesive body of work melding wood, bronze, and brass sculptures informed by Schlemmer, referencing the lines of human bodies.

Presented in loose groupings, her sculptures punctuate the gallery against a backdrop of her renderings in pencil and chalk. These drawings—almost diagrammatic—serve to complement, rather than compete, with the architectural sculptures on display.

“The drawings to me represent the issues in each sculpture that I need to contain. Some of them are super colorful, for starters, and a little mad—everything flows, everything is all over the place. And those are the matters that needs to be contained and organized in order to create an upright, standing, solid structure. They’re basically the issues to fix.”

This cohesive body of work is a natural evolution of her photographic and collage work over the past two years. Kruse, by introducing another dimension to her oeuvre, whets her audience’s appetite for what this promising artist has to offer next.