New Jersey native Jamie Bochert’s lithe frame and angular features have drawn comparisons to Patti Smith and Shelley Duvall. As a muse to several designers, most notably Marc Jacobs, she has been a mainstay in the fashion industry for close to two decades. The former ballerina come model turned musician talks about how she got her start, what inspires her, and what it takes to be a muse.

You were studying dance in New Brunswick before you started modeling. Why did you make that transition?

I studied dance from the age of 11. It was a creative and emotional outlet for me. I made the transition into modeling because I had the opportunity, and it seemed like if it worked out it could be lucrative and I would be able to travel and see the world.

You’ve served as a muse to many designers, most notably Marc Jacobs. How do you see yourself and what does being a muse mean to you?

I’m not sure. I think maybe because I’m patient and present.

You are an inspiration to many people. What inspires you?

I can’t exactly say what inspires me, but I’m driven by people who create and are authentic, and by music, art, books, life, and nature.

How have you maintained your identity and sense of self in an industry that constantly shapes how you are perceived?

I focus on things that are important to me and keep good friends in my life.

Tell us about the genesis of Francis Wolf.

I started experimenting with music and writing a while ago. I usually write alone and then collaborate with other musicians. I play piano, guitar, keys, bass and harmonium. Other instruments included in the sound are drums, cello, and violin.

What were the challenges you overcame when transitioning into your music career?

Challenges I’ve overcome in music are feeling that I’m good enough and having the confidence to share what I’ve made.

Of all the incarnations you’ve had, which do you find the most fulfilling and why?

Music is the most fulfilling because I can completely lose myself in it.

What have you discovered about yourself through this process?

I feel like I’ve discovered many things about myself through the course of writing. I feel like the more I create, the closer I get to myself; or maybe it’s just me maturing and hearing it through what I create.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I have no idea and I’m happy about it.

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