Donald Simrock  is at the forefront of the beauty industry creating looks for style bible Flaunt in addition to showcasing his work in publications such as Rolling Stone, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar and VOGUE.   His unique vision has given him the opportunity to work with celebrity clients that include Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.  Donald collaborated with Minx Nails on a collection dubbed Sextet and spoke to me and Matters of Today about the experience.

How did your collaboration with Minx Nails come to fruition?

I met the founders of Minx years ago when they were just starting up. I was so excited about all of the possibilities this product had.  From that day on, we began collaborating together…. Janice and Dawn [the founders] recently approached me to work on a line of Minx under my name, that would be geared toward men. I jumped at the opportunity and worked on creating a line that would be attractive to everyone.

What was your inspiration for the capsule collection Sextet you designed for Minx?

I really wanted to work with photographs for this collection. So I began shooting everything that inspired me, with the project in mind. It was challenging to find things that would look great in a smaller space, and even more difficult to select images that worked together. I didn’t want to do a pattern that would be exactly the same on each finger, so I would take multiple shots from various angles when I was inspired in order to do this. The collection is sort of an LA story… The combination of both urban and natural elements.

Nail art is all but forgotten. How do you feel about this oversight as part of creating a cohesive look?

Nail art has had a big come-back over the years, thankfully. Nails offer another way for people to express themselves. They can be an extension of your personality, and the possibilities are endless! Sheer beige polish doesn’t really say a lot to me.

When creating your collection what kind of person were you designing with in mind?

Originally the idea was to gear the collection toward men, but I really wanted to accept the challenge to create something that would be fun for everybody, keeping men in mind.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

For this project, I wanted to offer an urban view to my natural elements, and a colorful view to my more industrial elements. I wanted to find a way to bring colors and metallics together. I definitely want to take that further in the future.

Do you plan to continue to collaborate with Minx and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

I love the creative process and I love a challenge. I also love the element of surprise. That being said, it really wouldn’t be fair to say what might be next. This project has been a learning experience and has definitely sparked some new ideas.  Stay tuned!